Ficlet: An Adventure or a Nightmare, Hermione/Thorfinn, PG

Title: An Adventure or a Nightmare
Character(s): Hermione/Thorfinn
Prompt: the greatest adventure
Rating: PG
Word Count: 600 words
Summary: Hermione and Thorfinn are assigned one a mission
Author's Notes: This is for the reverse claim. The pairing is Hermione/Thorfinn and the prompt is 'the greatest adventure'. I've taken the idea of the prompt wuite loosely on this one but I hope it comes through anyway. It's also for the 'Up to 50 Pairings', 'more than a name' (for Thorfinn), and 'every kind of pairing' (het pairing) challenges.

An Adventure or a Nightmare

Drabble: Flying, Hermione/Sirius

Title: Flying
Character(s): Hermione/Sirius
Prompt: the only adventure
Rating: PG
Word Count: 475 words
Summary: Hermione could tell that it would actually mean something to him if they did this together. It also helped that Bergen was on her long list of cities she wanted to visit
Author's Notes: This is also for the rarepair_shorts Numbers Game ficathon, the Every Kind of Pairing challenge for cross-gen


Drabble: Who You Are, Hermione/Charlie, PG

Title: Who You Are
Character(s): Hermione/Charlie
Prompt: the only adventure
Rating: PG
Word Count: 348 words
Summary: Her Grandmother had once said that love was the only true adventure as you opened yourself up to someone else and trusted them with your heart.
Author's Notes: Based on the quote ‘Love is the only true adventure’ - Nikki Giovanni

Who You Are

Updates are complete and the reverse challenge is ready

I made a list of things I wanted/needed to do right now and I’m happy to say I’ve crossed off everything on that list.

I’ve updated the claims, masterlist, rules and I’ve added more prompt lists as well as a new challenge.

Firstly let me admit how sad I was when I discovered there was no spells on the prompt list when I first found this community, it wouldn’t stop me from joining but I sort of expected something that has “spells” in its name to offer spells as prompts. Well, now there isn’t only one, but two spell prompt lists, I made one list of “good spells” and one “bad spells”. And having made lists of spells how could I not add one with potions? So there is one list with the more popular/well known potions as well. If anyone else would like any special themed prompt lists please let me know.

The reverse challenge information is up, hopefully it’s interesting and makes people want to write more! I know I will be claiming both normal and reverse cards.

I lied when I said the to-do list was complete, there are two things I’ve added to my list while working on the community which aren’t complete, I need to clean up the tags as well as figure out how to open up to more people from other platforms. The claims list is now open to not only those signed in, but it’s not enough, I know that.

Before I finish this I would like to introduce myself, maybe you’ve heard about me, maybe not, it doesn’t really matter to me because I have fun in fandom, but I’m imera and I've been a part of fandom for more than half my life, meaning more than 15 years (even if it's been on and off). Having seen a bunch of communities I liked disappear I decided I wouldn't let this fade away, so join in, tell your friends, and most important of all, have fun.

Reverse challenge information

Reverse challenge, what is that?

Well, unlike the normal challenge where you choose a pairing/character and then a list of 7 prompts you get to pick one prompt and make a list of 7 pairings/characters.

There are so many ways to do this challenge that I decided to sort them into levels, when signing up pick the level you want to challenge yourself with, and remember they don’t have to be together as a pairing in the story, they could just be the main characters, in so case just write “and” instead of the normal “/”.

If you find this challenge interesting and wisht to give it a go then head over to the signup post and make a claim, remember you can have one ordinary claim and one reverse claim at the same time.

Here are the different levels to play with:

Level 1 : A few of your favourite things. You can’t use the same pairing/character (if gen) in more than one line. You can also do this as a combination challenge if you wish, pick 3-4 characters and combine those into as many pairings as you like.
Example Level 1 : Harry/Draco, Draco, Draco/Ron, Harry/Charlie

Level 2 : No repeats. You can’t use the same character more than once, this means the characters can’t be repeated on any other line (they can as a side character but should not be the main focus, unless you want to really challenge yourself), this also applies if they are used as a single character.
Example Level 2 : Harry/Ginny, Draco, Ron and Hermione, Dean/Seamus

Level 3 : Daisy Chain. If you don’t know what this means just imagine 7 characters holding hands in a circle, each two hands holding will be a pairing/gen couple on the card, and the last one will connect with the first.
Example Level 3 : Harry/Ginny, Ginny/Luna, Luna/Draco, Draco/Harry

Level 4 : The well travelled. This is sort of like the first level, but here you pick one character and that character will be paired up with seven other characters (you can also have one single for that main character). I know this is like the normal challenge where you have claimed one character, but the difference is that you only have one prompt.
Example Level 4 : Luna/Draco, Luna/Rolf Scamander, Luna/Harry, Luna and family

Level 5 : Generator list. Use -this generator-, pick whatever interests you and generate your list of characters. Now, if you really REALLY don’t like a pairing or find it too hard fitting them to the prompt, or if you’ve been stuck and can’t come up with a plot for the story you’re allowed to change the pairing, this level is more of a random round. If this is a round which interests you you could also generate the pairings first and then pick a prompt to do that fits before signing up.
Example Level 5 : Just add whichever pairing you get, I got: Millicent/Luna, Luna/Fred, Victor Krum/Tom Riddle, Draco/Bellatrix.

Don't forget to claim a level if you find this challenge interesting.

Welcome to the new 7 spells community

It's been forever since the last update, sadly life happened and then, as if things weren’t already stressful, i couldn't remember where I saved the password for the mod account. Ass you can see i found the password, and life, even if it's not super calm it's manageable.

I'm pretty sure nobody's knows there was a mod change a while back, I wanted to clean up the claims back then and was on my way to update this community when the things mentioned in the previous section happened, but now I’m here and ready to take charge.

This is an update on “the purge”. Why do I call it that? Because of the big and sudden change (even though I did mention it almost 2 years ago). There are several large changes that were made today:

1: First of all there is a new theme which makes it easier locating links on this page, I've kept the colour theme close to the original but the layout is changed.

2: The claim list is updated, the criterias for those that are left were these rules:

  • Must have an active journal/blog

  • Must have posted on the journal since the beginning of 2015

  • The link to their claim template must work.

  • One issue I have is all the friend locked journals, nothing wrong with that, but if the whole thing is locked then there is no way for me/us to see when you posted last or to see your progress.

3: I’ve also updated the masterlist of completed claims, I decided that even if someone deleted their entire blog I would still keep them on the list to show what has been completed.

4: Another thing I’ve updated are the rules. The only “huge” change is that I’ve added “quarantine” section. This applies to anyone who has not written for their claim in years, so if that’s not you then you’ve got nothing to worry about (the remaining claims might end up on that list, but at this moment I'm more interested in doing the huge changes first). You can find it under -The rules page-.

5: Before I finish this post there is one more thing I want to mention. I’m planning to add one or two more prompt tables, might do that this weekend, as well as a Reverse 7 spell challenge. Not sure what that is? Well, I'll be adding the info tomorrow so stay tuned.

I'm also looking into adding this community to Dreamwidth, but my focus right now is on updating this journal first.

Now that most claims are open I hope there will be new claims :)

Claim list changes

This community has been inactive a long time, people has come and gone from the fandom, their livejournals are closed and their claims are still up.

I've been meaning to update it a few years ago but like so many other people real life stuff made such plans difficult. This year I have decided to finish as many things as possible, and fixing up this community is on that list.

There will be some major edits to the claim table. The major change is that I will allow two claims per pairing/character, giving more people opportunity to join.

  • All members who have no active LJ (closed) will be removed, their claims will be open

  • All members who has not posted anything to their claim in 7 years (last posted in 2009) will be put on hold, meaning they are still have their claim but if two people claim their pairing/character they will be added to the wait list and must wait until either of the two claims are complete. If someone on hold posts something they will be added back on the list.

  • All waiting list signups will be removed, if you were on the waiting list you may sign up again.

I don't believe the activity of this community will increase that much, but this will at least give everyone a chance to join the fun.

Fic: Prophecy Fulfilled (Harry/Draco/Snape, NC-17)

Title: Prophecy Fulfilled
A gift for: starduchess
Author: ravenna_c_tan
Pairing/Threesome: Snape/Draco, Harry/Draco, Snape/Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: *Violent sex, erotic abuse of Unforgivable curses*
Story notes: My but there's a lot of sex in here.
Word count: 7,900

Summary: Our story begins with Severus and Draco's flight from Hogwarts after the death of Dumbledore. This time Severus brings Draco into the plot to aid Potter's cause, and this time Dumbledore's naive ideals about innocence will not hold them back from their goal to vanquish the Dark Lord. What does it take to cast an Unforgivable, truly?

Disclaimer: Characters are the property of JK Rowling, et al. This was created for fun, not for profit.

Author's Note: The idea for this story came from Starduchess's request, which included "angst, drama, hurt/comfort, mystery, horror, action/adventure; special or powerful magics... magical AUs (find a different way of killing Voldemort!) or post-war Harry as Master of Death." Which led me to the idea that the only way for the Unforgivables to be properly cast is for the caster to have lost their innocence. Severus and Draco will make sure Harry's innocence is rather thoroughly debauched. This story fulfills the prompt "a broken circle" in my 7 Spells prompt table -- 4 down, 3 to go!

Link to the original fic post: