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To Trust the Moon, Bill/Fleur

Title: To Trust the Moon
Character(s): Bill/Fleur
Prompt: glass moon
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1655
Summary: The first night of the full moon after Bill gets attacked, they sit and wait to see what becomes of him.
Author's Notes: A wonderful lady by the name of Kjcp over at Checkmated helped me with the Fleur accents because I’m miserable at it. So for the beautiful French accent thank her. I do! : )

They grasped each others hands trying to ignore the raised voices but having no luck, as their own tense silence swallowed any distraction.

”If he transforms you’ll be attacked! I don’t want you bitten!”

“I’m qualified to be in there Remus! You know that!”

“Kingsley is just as qualified as you are!”

“So you’d rather him be bitten?!”

“I’m trying to protect you!”

"Perhaps I could just stay." A whispered voice said breaking the heavy words in the background.

“No, love, she’s right, she is more qualified. I don’t want to hurt you.” Bill supplied squeezing her hand gently. She frowned but the voices got louder and she couldn’t respond.

”I would prefer to be with you but you refuse to allow it!”

“Damnit Dora, listen to me—“

There was quiet suddenly and the two of them exchanged worried looks.

"Are you sure, mon amour?”

“Yes” he raised a hand to his head, “please let’s not argue…”

"Oui, 'usband." A wiry smile was on her face as he jerked to look at her.

He smiled at her smile and cupped her face. “We’re not married yet, love.”

"Mais oui, I know, boot does eet bother you?" Her beautiful features glowed while looking straight into his shining blue eyes.

“No.” He leaned into kiss her as he heard mumbled voices.

”Alright…please be careful.”

His lips moved slowly over hers losing himself in her touch, when the door that had previously held the voices at bay, was thrown open. They pulled away quickly, to find Tonks blushing, but a huge smile on her face.

“Sorry to interrupt…” She said.

“It’s alright. How are you Tonks?” Bill asked politely, running a comforting hand down Fleur.

“Fine, Remus is just stubborn. Can I talk to Fleur?”

The two looked at one another, she squeezed his hand and smiled; he returned it and patted her side.

Once in the corner of the room, Tonks turned to Fleur and grinned, though her eyes were sad. “Are you alright with this?” Tonks asked quietly her hand on Fleur’s shoulder, her voice low so Bill couldn’t hear.

The blonde looked at her fiancée, catching his eyes she smiled a little and turned back to the pink-haired sprite. "Non, but Beel doosn't want me een danger. Though, I do not theenk I would be ..."

Tonks squeezed the younger girl’s shoulder. “I understand,” she was quiet for a moment; Fleur saw a blank look in her eyes before they brightened again. “I conjured a chair for you right outside. I’ll let you in as soon as I know nothing will happen.”

Fleur nodded. "Merci."

Tonks smiled a little and opened the door for Fleur to leave.

“Fleur…” Bill called out before Tonks shut the door, Fleur turned to him, confused. “I love you.”

Her dark eyes smiled at him, "Je t'aime aussi. I love you."

Tonks smiled at them both, “I’ll make sure nothing goes wrong.” Fleur smiled at her and nodded; as Tonks began to shut the door Fleur stopped it slightly.

"Our seely men need us. I am sorry Professor Loopin will not see zis, but merci - for helping us regardless."

Tonks eyes sparkled and she gave the French girl a quick hug. “Don’t mention it Fleur.” As the door shut she turned to Bill trying to smile encouragingly at him.

“Stop faking.” He muttered, half amused, half worried.

Tonks frowned and walked over the chair across from him. “I’m not faking.”

He rolled his eyes, but didn’t say anything. The two of them were quiet, the only sound coming from the wind in the trees and a raven somewhere among them.

“I can’t take it!” She blurted out, shedding her auror cloak, changing her hair from pink to blue curls and her nose turned up, Bill looked amused and shifted as well.

All was quiet again for the next few moments; the two sat still in total silence, both thinking on two different things, and yet the same thing. The light chill of the moon was beginning to rise into the air, the glow of the round orb shining its light. Bill stared at the ground where it danced across the floor boards.

Not looking up, “how much time before…” he muttered.

“About thirteen minutes.”

“That was rather specific…” Bill chuckled, trying to find some sort of amusement from the horrid situation.

Tonks tried to smile but all she could manage was something that looked like a grimace. “I got use to timing the moonlight this past year…couldn’t help it.” She muttered.

He nodded, though kept quiet. Both their minds began running again. He began to worry, his hands twitched and wrung themselves into a red frenzy, while she sat there staring up at the moon with a discontented hate on her face.

“I used to love the moon…” She finally spit out, and he could hear the discontent in her voice. “I thought it held all these wonderful fairy tale endings for me, my dream prince would come and help me fight the evil wizard and we would ride off kissing in the moonlight…Now when I look up at it all I can see are hate and pain and a cold distance.”

“It is a bit cold, isn’t it?” Bill responded looking out the window for the first time since he’d stepped into the prison of his room.

“Your lucky” she said rubbing her jeans and glaring at the moon. “Fleur sticks by you and she understands you, and she’s lucky because you let her. She doesn’t have to fight for your love from the glass moon.”

Bill stared at her for a long moment before he opened his mouth. “Remus just wants you to have the best,” he saw her turn to him, opening her mouth in anger; “he just doesn’t realize he is the best for you.” She shut her mouth and looked to the floor, sated of her rage at his words.

They sat in silence once more before she looked down at her muggle watch and turned to him. “How are you feeling Bill?”

He shook his head, “my body is antsy, but beyond that I’m fine. Why?”

“No reason, we’ve still got a few more minutes, I was just making sure.”

He nodded beginning to wring his hands again.


He looked up.

“Do you…did you…” She stopped.

The way he was feeling he couldn’t help but spit out angrily; “what?!”

She looked up at him startled, but it quickly was replaced with a stoic look. “Did you try and tell her to leave, because of what might happen tonight?’

He stared at her a long moment. “No, she would have hit me ‘round the ears had I even thought it to loud.”

“But you did think about it?”

He nodded. “Of course I did. I mean, Merlin, look at her. She’s perfect, intelligent, beautiful. I could hardly keep up with her before; when I awoke in that hospital bed…scars on my face and half a wolf in my head…” He stopped and stared up at the ceiling, his blood began to heat up at the thought. His breathing got heavy and everything around him seemed to be closing in.

Tonks immediately noticed the change. “Bill?” She stood up her hand ready to grab for her wand if needed.

She watched miraculously as his face grew longer, body grew bulkier, she held her breath waiting for him to make the complete transformation, when suddenly he stopped. His face was more wolf-like somehow, a longer jaw and flatter nose; his eyes had a golden twinge to them, but beyond that he was still Bill.

She waited until he didn’t seem to be so tense, “Bill?” she whispered.
He turned to her confused, almost as if he didn’t remember where he was. He sniffed and then shook his head out. “Tonks?” His voice was much deeper and rougher then normal.

“How are you feeling Bill?”

“Like I want a tonne of raw beef.”

“Beef, not me?”

“Defiantly not you.”

“What about Fleur?”

“No I don’t want her either.”

Tonks almost laughed out loud. “No, I meant do you want me to let her in?”

He paused for a moment taking his slightly larger hands through his hair. “Sure.”

She got up and crossed the room slowly, keeping one eye on Bill in case he wasn’t alright. He just sat there quite calmly looking out the window.

She opened the door to find the pretty half-veela wringing her hands forcefully much like Bill had moments earlier. “Fleur…”

Oui?” She was standing up in an instant.

“He’s fine, though don’t be alarmed at his appearance…”

Fleur all at once had a relieved look and yet pale. "What eez wrong with Beel?"

“Nothing, he just…well you’ll see.” The two women walked in, Fleur was still clenching her hands tightly but she had a much more relaxed look on her face then what Tonks knew was really warring inside of her.

"Oh Beel! Tu es bien! You are all right!" She gasped, her eyes had widened at the slight change in his form but beyond that she didn’t seem to care. Bill smiled, and it somehow made his face look more wolf-like, but Fleur ignored it to hug him.

Tonks watched them for a few more moments as the relief seemed to pore from the two of them. A sad smile on her face she cleared her throat and they both looked at her. “I’m going to let you both have some privacy, I’ll just be right outside if anything should change, alright?” Fleur nodded and Bill smiled again.

As she shut the door quietly behind her, she tried to hold in the tears behind her own eyes. Wishing, hoping, wanting Remus to finally trust her like Bill and Fleur trusted one another. Glaring at the full glassy moon she sat down and waited for the morning to come.

Tags: author: islablack, pairing: bill/fleur

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