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These are the theme sets. You can pick any one of the seven different options. Mixing and matching the prompts to make your own set of seven is also allowed.

Set 1:
1. look over there
2. telephone
3. in the room where women come and go
4. newspapers
5. electric shock
6. one last dinner
7. anvil
Set 2:
1. cold hands, cold feet
2. disheveled
3. the puppet master
4. five shades of white
5. to the last syllable of recorded time
6. a broken circle
7. instumental
Set 3:
1. the cruelest month
2. effect of impact on stationary objects
3. violin
4. draw the line in the sand
5. supernova
6. did you see what I did?
7. candle in the window
Set 4
1. if you wanted honesty
2. the sea
3. the ballroom at midnight
4. anachronism
5. tomorrow is something we remember
6. as near as snow
7. sleepwalk
Set 5
1. at the very ports they blow
2. the blind leading the blind
3. artificial light
4. so shaken as we are
5. ribbon
6. the only adventure
7. a drinking song
Set 6
1. the white birds
2. red
3. the smell of hospitals in the desert
4. counterglow
5. the chimera obscurant
6. the highway kind
7. new every morning
Set 7
1. above the thunder
2. dragon tears
3. glass moon
4. the rooms have a hint of asbestos
5. sing the blues
6. history repeats itself
7. concentric ceilings

The code for a blank table to post in your LJ is here.

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